Antibiotic Resistance is the biggest global health challenge we have ever faced. Every health professional will have a role to play in tackling this challenge. The Conference and Awards will provide an opportunity for those working on Stewardship to engage, share best-practice, learn and collaborate to overcome regional, national and international barriers to reduce antibiotic resistance.

As an Industry Provider your organisation has the opportunity to place itself at the centre of this challenge, as a possible solution to support health professionals tackle challenges in their day to day work. Aligning your brand and services with such a prestigious event will enable greater engagement with key decision makers seeking solutions. By showing your support for those nominated for awards you will have a unique platform in which your organisation can allign itself with the Government’s commitments to tackle this global challenge. The Awards and Conference are a key aspect of the Governments long-term plan to tackle Antibiotic Resistance and by supporting us in 2018 you can demonstrate your commitment.